Iron productions.

handmade iron forging

Workshop history and traditions.

In the Tessaro Group workshop, the master blacksmiths train the apprentice workers. After several years of training, the apprentices are fully operational and are able to manage the job, under the supervision of the head of the department.
Our staff in Tessaro Group has varied skills, qualified professionals who cooperate in the efficient management of the production and in the supply of top quality products.

The in-house technical studio.

In Tessaro Group, the added value that makes the difference is the in-house technical studio, where the architect and professionals work on the design and artistic phases and control the products.

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1 Starting work.

For each order, the staff prepares a bill of materials with all the elements and parts that will be launched into the production.
The first phase is the choice of raw materials, a selection based on the quality of the iron that is certainly of Italian origin.

2 Production.

This phase begins with cutting the parts, then forging, hammering and the embossment and chisel work, to then be concluded with the assembly of the worked components through welding, riveting, clamping or joining.
After, we send the rough work to companies specialised in finishing treatments as hot-dip galvanisation and coating. When it returns, it is ready to be assembled by our assemblers.

cutting iron
forging iron
hammering iron
welding iron
riveting iron
joining iron

3 The values added to the work.

In the Tessaro Group workshop, we design the custom-made work based on the drawing provided by the customer or developed in our in-house technical studio. Our products are full of details and customised: we create what the customer requires right down to the finest detail so they are fully satisfied with the work. To customise the product, we provide a full assistance and consultancy service.

4 From the drawing to the creation.

A customer who requires our skills enters into Tessaro Group, where our architect and other professionals of the technical studio examine the data, develop the project and also create the drawings on a 1:1 scale or the sample.
When external architects or designers come to us with projects that are already ready, we develop them through graphics software and then give the result to the customer for approval and to continue the work.

5 Knowledge and art of wrought iron.

Thanks to the skills of our craftsmen, in Tessaro Group, we have dedicated our experience to better use the techniques and knowledge on wrought iron.
We know the material well and we work it with the personalised techniques we have always used. Nowadays, we are a reference point and quality assurance in the market. We are the art of iron.