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Balustrades for external staircases

Vedi and wrought iron handrails

From their design to manufacture, TessaroGroup’s wrought iron balustrades and handrails. are the result of customers' ideas and requirements, with the added professionalism and experience of the craftsmen.

The wrought iron structures for external use are made with top-quality materials, are suitable to be exposed to the weather, and adorn any type of external staircase. Balustrades for external staircases are of the utmost quality and ensure high safety standards.

A qualsiasi tipologia di scala interna può essere accostata una ringhiera ed uno corrimano in ferro battuto, dal design e dalle forme personalizzate in base alo stile richiesto, ai progetti e alle personalizzazioni.

All balustrades for external staircases manufactured by Tessaro Group are designed to perfectly meet the architectural requirements of different and particular housing complexes.

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Wrought Iron Handrails