We, the master craftsmen of wrought iron.

Tradition, knowledge and experience in manufacturing iron are the foundation of our history.
A history of craftsmanship, beauty and functionality that was born with Tessaro in 1962.

Quality and ancient skills in manufacturing iron.

In the Tessaro Group we have chosen to merge our experience and skills to form an efficient and qualitatively profitable union.
Indeed we provide our customers with a unique finished product, a very broad range of products, quality that is visible in the details and the sophistication of the parts.

founding partner tessaro, Adriano Tessaro

The industrialised art of Tessaro.

This company was born with the founding partner, Mr Adriano Tessaro, in 1962.
Many years have passed by and the following generations have continued the work of the entrepreneur with passion and commitment, maintaining the excellent reputation of the brand and the Italian integrity, the foundation of quality, sophistication and uniqueness of our iron products that are mass-produced and custom-made upon request.
Due to the possibility to produce large quantities of products, we can also manage very large sites, ensuring reliability and timely delivery.
Italian raw materials and the top training of our iron craftsmen, distinguish our creations throughout the world and we have been recognised for years as a reference point for wrought iron manufacturing.

Tessaro Group: the artistic core of the handmade sector.

In the many products, from wrought iron internal balustrades to external gates, the individual elements are composed with the skill of our blacksmiths.
In the workshop, our craftsmen follow the handmade manufacturing and aesthetic finishing of the products for private residences, villas, hotels, historical buildings and many other areas, relating with private customers and the studios of architects, designers and contractors.


customers private
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The work plan.

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Our professionals deal with all the work phases, beginning with the technical surveys on the site and then proceeding with the production in the workshop by the blacksmiths, followed by the on-site assembly of the product.
At Tessaro Group, the in-house studio can also develop an existing project through innovative graphics programs, creating prototypes for the customer to examine, before proceeding with the production.
The strong synergy of the new Tessaro Group, enables us to merge the two forces present in the market into one reality, in which the sales representatives greet the customers, examine their requests and guide them around the company.

Survey, Production, Assembly

From the project to delivery.

Our company is now established in the market as a reality where the customer can meet various requirements: from an individual part to mass-produced ones dedicated to the industrial sector, and to the artistic and sought after creations.
Among the guarantees we offer our customers, we would like to underline the uniqueness of our creations: made from quality iron, mass-produced and custom-made by iron craftsmen.

tessaro environmental friendly

Our green company.

Our company is environmental friendly: we produce energy in an alternative way with photovoltaic panels; a clean energy that does not pollute and reduces consumption.

If you are looking for a reliable company, specialised in wrought iron production and delivers on time,

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